Missing Classmates

EARLY CLASSMATES listed below are those who started with us as freshman but dropped off along the way. There were 53 of them!  If you know any of them, have them "Contact Us" and I'll set them up with a Guest Profile.

Gene Bragoli, Brian Bridges (deceased), Cathy Cahill, Marguerite Castineras, Missy Croke (deceased), Maureen Crowley (see Guest Profile), E. Cybulski, Shirley Darrow, R. Delgaudio, Vinnie DeRosa, Glenn Devery, John Donato, William Fitzgerald, R. Fox, Pamela Gerrard, Patricia Gerrard, Margaret Giovaniello, Betty Goodman, Jim Haddad (see Guest Profile), Linda Hamilton, Robert Harrington, Annora Hopkins, Rosemary Horstman (deceased), Nick Iannone, Mary Jacobs, Sue Jepson, Mary Kemp, Diane Klodaski, John Kruszon, Theresa Lannon, Linda Leier (see Guest Profile), Judy Loeschorn, Cathie McCabe, J. McHeffey, Laura McNey, Frances Mongello, James Michaliger, Josephine Nobisso (see Guest Profile), N. Ortiz, A. Pellatt, Denise Phillip, David Pierzchanowski, Russ Pulick, Marian Reilly, Ronald Sovenski, Deborah Smith (see Guest Profile), Andrea Thompson, Robert Tressler (see Guest Profile), James Underwood (see Guest Profile), Lorraine Warren, Suzanne Wouters, Michelle Zeltmann, Thomas Zembko (see Guest Profile)



Are all of the MHS '71 graduates who we do not have either a verified email or physical address for.  If we have a verified address for a classmates who has chosen not to register with this website, they do not appear on this list.

Michele Breznak
Kathy Grefig
Deborah Hambsch
Thomas Kelly
Karen Krogman
Mary Mazic
Nancy Smith
Catherine Sweeney
Mary Ann Tierney
Bruce Werner

Guest Members

Kate McKay MHS '69 (Sister Of Tom McKay)
Vanessa Melamede Berman (Stepdaughter…)